Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'LL TAKE "BAD IDEAS FOR BIOPICS ABOUT UNDERAPPRECIATED ICONS FOR $400," ALEX:  One can be a fan of Jesse L. Martin as well as the late Marvin Gaye without wanting to see the former as the latter in an upcoming film about the latter (even if, unlike the Andre 3000/Hendrix film, they haven't been Jackie Jormp-Jomped on the music rights) (and it features Cool Lester Smooth as his producer yelling "I don't work for you! I work for the label!") (and Martin seems to have just taken every piece of headwear which was left on the Rent set for this), just as one can look forward to Bill Zehme's long-awaited biography on Johnny Carson while dreading a planned NBC miniseries on his life and career.  (Who could possibly star?)

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  1. isaac_spaceman7:35 PM

    I pretty much think there should be a moratorium on all biopics until we get the full Jackie Jormp-Jomp that we've been waiting for for so long.