Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MIGHT AS WELL JUMP (INTO FEDERAL COURT): Alex Van Halen's ex-wife Kelly has been sued by the band, alleging that her potential use of the name "Kelly Van Halen" in connection with various goods and services infringes and dilutes the VAN HALEN trademarks.  Quickly reading the complaint, there seems to be a critical allegation missing--namely that Kelly is actually using the "Kelly Van Halen" mark for goods and services.  (Insert your own jokes about whether the VAN HALEN mark was irreparably diluted when they hired Gary Cherone below.)


  1. Becca7:35 PM

    It says in the story that she's using the name for her business and other goods she's selling as a part of that business, but honestly, is Van Halen the band in the children's blankets and interior design business?

  2. That's just the point, Becca — Van Halen isn't here to swaddle children or decorate houses, it is here to play technically astounding misogynist rock songs. You can see how alarming it would be to them to see the Van Halen brand in sudden competition with Martha Stewart.