Friday, November 1, 2013

INFORMATION TO RUE:  George Clooney is older now than Wilford Brimley was when Cocoon was released, and other scary information like that.  No, I am not self-conscious about the fact that by the end of this weekend, I can start viewing This Is 40 as a film about younger people.


  1. Happy birthday, fearless leader!

  2. christy in nyc10:12 AM

    Bring on the hot olds, I say. And have a great birthday weekend and many happy returns.

  3. Adam C.10:32 AM

    Plenty of time still on the 40s clock, but I am looking forward to my rising Clooney, so long as by the end of my 50s I am not in my waning Brimley. Happy early birthday!

  4. Joseph Finn10:52 AM

    Happy Birthday!

    Two thoughts:

    1. Now I want to see a Bad New Bears starring Daniel Day Lewis.

    2. Does anyone else have a weird moment when they see Samuel Jackson's credit card commercial of thinking how weird it is to see both of his eyes?

  5. isaac_spaceman8:52 PM

    Yeah, like I said, I'm the same age Roy Scheider was when Jaws was released.

    Incidentally, who wouldn't tune in for a Golden Girls with Marissa Tomei as Betty White, Julianne Moore as Bea Arthur, Demi Moore (note that I did not and will not say Kim Catrall) as Rue McClanahan , and Ellen DeGeneres as Estelle Getty?

  6. I recently started rewatching Frasier late at night to clear my head, and was shocked to find that the character is 39 at the show's start (I'm 41). Grammer, born in 1955, was actually slightly YOUNGER than that when the show debuted in 1993. Ugh.