Thursday, December 26, 2013

A TRADITION UNLIKE ANY OTHER:  Congratulations to Jeff Mandell, who this weekend became the third straight #6 seed to win the ALOTT5MA fantasy football league, now in its fifth season and with its fifth different champion.

After a 2-5 start, Jeff won eight of his last nine games. He relied heavily on Zac Stacy and Bobby Rainey down the stretch alongside Josh Gordon (#1 WR) and Jimmy Graham (#1 TE), and made ridiculously smart decisions along the way like benching Andy Dalton for Alex Smith in week 15 (outcome determinative). Also, he didn't let the fact that he spent half his draft budget on Trent Richardson ($47), Julio Jones ($35) and Darren McFadden ($19) hamstring him. Awesome. See y'all in 2014.

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  1. Joseph Finn4:58 PM

    Congratulations, Jeff! I'll need your address for the Hulk Hands Championship Trophy, by the way.