Monday, December 30, 2013

SATURDAY NIGHT'S GAMETIME TEMPERATURE EXPECTED TO BE TWENTY-SEVEN DEGREES: Dan Levy argues that while all divisional winners should be guaranteed playoff berths, seeding should be done by record so that San Francisco and New Orleans would be hosting Green Bay and Philadelphia, not vice versa.


  1. gtv20001:55 PM

    If you don't like it, then win your division. If you don't like missing the NCAA tournament, then win your conference. These playoffs and tournaments are supposed to find the best team, and if you can't win the regular season then don't complain about your seeding.

    And I'm a 49er fan.

  2. Amen. Win your division. Arizona was 2-4 in division play and 6-6 in the conference. That don't cut it. Philly and New Orleans were both 9-3 in the conference. Hardly unfair.

  3. Benner10:21 AM

    Chip Kelly's offense in a dome - I could live with that, but the temperature reference notes that New Orleans' record is artificially inflated by playing indoors, and if they had to play football like men -- as they did at Carolina in week 16 -- they wouldn't have the record they have. And nobody should have to play at 3Com Stadium ever again. So even if it were more fair to give the games to the teams which the highest record irrespective of division, which it isn't, we still shouldn't do it.

  4. Adam B.10:44 AM

    In the Saints' defense, if you knew you were playing at least nine dome games a year (8 home, plus Atlanta), wouldn't you tailor your offense to the fast track?. (Saints did win in Chicago, but lost at NE, NYJ, CAR, and ... STL?)

  5. Benner12:36 PM

    why are we pretending there isn't already an arena league?