Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ARE WE HOT? WE ARE NOT:  Last year, as you may recall, the Washington Post's In/Out for [Insert Year Here] Gurus correctly predicted the rise of Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon & Cecily Strong; ASAP Rocky; SpaceX; The 'Fro (though without realizing how it'd rise); and Cards Against Humanity, while whiffing on plans for a non-Clooney year.

What's in store for 2014? More Orange Is the New Black; Kristen and Lake Bell; spatchcocking; and "fancy lady hair for men"; while allegedly we'll be seeing less of Uber, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bitcoin. Time, truly, will tell.


  1. Dave S12:21 PM

    For some reason I read this as Kristen and Lake Bell were the ones doing the spatchcocking.

  2. Sophietje12:31 PM

    Buffalo is in, Austin is out? What kind of topsy-turvy world is this?

  3. Marsha12:12 PM

    I'm all for the rise of Lake Bell. I loved "In A World..."