Friday, March 21, 2014

ALOTT5MA FRIDAY GRAMMAR RODEO AND GUARANTEED OUTRAGE GENERATOR:  An update to the AP Stylebook now insists that it's totally ok to say "over [some quantity]" when previously only "more than" was acceptable; i.e., "I do not give over two shits about this news" is now just as good as "I do not give more than two shits."

Other changes are underway.


  1. Adlai6:48 PM

    No. No. No.

  2. Joseph Finn8:12 PM

    Nopppppppe. Also, they're still wrong about allowing only one space between sentences. Bunch of typographer wannabes over there.

  3. MidwestAndrew8:54 PM

    I'm the editor at a relatively small paper. I've been trained my entire professional life that the AP stylebook is king. But this? THE KING IS NAKED, PEOPLE.

  4. ...or are they lessthanway?

  5. BarbL1142:07 PM

    Ugh, no. Of course, AP is already dead to me because of the Oxford comma issue.

  6. Benner4:39 PM

    What's the issue here, precisely? The AP seems to wait an appropriate period of time after each of these has already gained strong acceptance, and this saves space.

    Look. If newspapers don't want to follow the AP style guide, they should stop closing bureaus.

  7. christy in nyc9:48 AM

    HAHAHAHA. As an editor of books that often contain stickers and other numbers of things, over a third of my titles have this "mistake" ON THE COVER! This feels validating...of course, we don't use AP so we're still flouting our own style guide. So I can still feel like a rebel, too. Win/win!