Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PENNEH!!!  Remember Lost?  Jezebel ranks all its characters from most to least annoying.

Related: apparently the right age to start your daughter on Lost is not "almost 11."  She was loving the opening episode until Smokey showed up, and then when he visits the barely-conscious pilot in the cockpit ... yeah, she'd like to wait before seeing more.


  1. Duvall10:20 PM

    Vincent was robbed.
    The opening scene on the beach wasn't too intense?

  2. Adam B.10:40 PM

    She could deal, because there wasn't gore. (It was before the jet engine got hungry.) I just kept watching Locke in the background, and was shocked to hear what Michael's first word was and how it was expressed.

  3. Joseph Finn10:57 PM

    That list is so wrong as to be laughable. On what world is Bernard almost at the bottom?

    Also, I'm still not convinced Vincent isn't god and didn't arrange the whole thing, besides killing Shannon by leading her to her death.


  5. Joseph Finn11:16 PM

    See? SEE?

  6. Just skimming through that list reminded me that there were A LOT of things I didn't like about Lost.

  7. Devin McCullen11:12 AM

    Juliet's way too low. Personally I would have had Lapidus #1, but I can live with everybody they have ahead of him.
    On a tangentially related topic from last summer (now that I don't have to worry about Under The Dome spoilers) - I was not surprised at all that Jeff Fahey got killed off at the end of the first episode, although I was bummed. But what really annoyed me were some of the reviews I read that were like "Hey, it's great to see Jeff Fahey!" You guys have seen what's coming, and it's not your job to lead the audience on.
    Sorry for the randomness - that's just a mini-rant I had stored up for a long time.

  8. Just curious, Adam: Was there something specific that put you in mind of a plane full of people just disappearing somewhere in the Eastern Hemisphere?