Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MIKE D AND AD-ROCK AT THE MOVIES:  During the ongoing trial concerning use of several Beastie Boys songs in an on-line video promoting Monster Energy drink, Mike D testified that the band declined to license "Sabotage" for use in the recent Arnold Schwarzenegger bomb of the same name because "We weren't fans of Mr. Schwarzenegger's recent work."  No word on whether they thought Terminator 2 was cool or not, though.

Disclaimer:  I have previously worked with/for counsel for the Beasties in this matter, though not on this matter or any matter directly connected to the Beasties.

ETA:  Jury came back with a verdict of $1.7 million for the Beasties--$120K for each of 10 copyright violations, and $500K for false endorsement.

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