Thursday, June 12, 2014

OUR PATHS HAVE BEEN REVEALED, SO LET'S START THE SHOW:  Neil Patrick Harris is leaving Hedwig on August 17, but the show will go on: Andrew Rannells will make his debut on August 20.


  1. Eric J.9:30 PM

    He's no Anne Hathaway, but I'll allow it.

  2. I think Rannells could have a very interesting and quite different take on the part from NPH, but I do wonder just how hard a hit the box office is going to take. (I'm also going to be interested to see how the OCR does.)

  3. Jenn C3:22 PM

    I saw the show a few weeks ago and ordered the OCR. I LOVED the show and thought it was the greatest. I may have even called in "life-changing" on Twitter. Upon repeated listening (the album dropped Thurs and I haven't stopped listening to it) my take is that NPH does really, really well with the power ballads but the harder songs, like Exquisite feels a bit like he's trying too hard.

    Lena Hall's song (Long Grift) is gorgeous, and they even stick the faux Hurt Locker love song on it!

    Listening to the OCR reminds me how much I loved Dr. Horrible.

    The best thing I saw on the internet this week was Alan Cumming doing Wig in a Box!