Monday, June 9, 2014

PASS OUT, DIE, POOP:  Long before she became the ALOTT5MA Special Guest Spelling Bee Blogger, Shonda Rhimes attended Dartmouth College, to which she returned this weekend to deliver the commencement address. It is smart about the difference between dreaming and doing, smart about hashtag activism, and particularly correct for both moms and dads about the myth of "balance," and why we work so damn hard sometimes:
I want my daughters to see me and know me as a woman who works. I want that example set for them. I like how proud they are when they come to my offices and know that they come to Shondaland. There is a land and it is named after their mother. In their world, mothers run companies. In their world, mothers own Thursday nights. In their world, mothers work. And I am a better mother for it. The woman I am because I get to run Shondaland, because I get write all day, because I get to spend my days making things up, that woman is a better person—and a better mother. Because that woman is happy. That woman is fulfilled. That woman is whole. I wouldn't want them to know the me who didn't get to do this all day long. I wouldn't want them to know the me who wasn't doing.


  1. Melissa R.10:08 PM

    Wow. Well worth the read. LOVED the bit about volunteering more important than hashtagging.

  2. Karen Peters12:34 AM

    I loved this speech. If I tried to pick out my favorite parts I would probably just repeat the whole thing. (The hashtagging piece was especially awesome, though.)

  3. The Pathetic Earthling10:00 AM


  4. bellawilfer1:31 PM

    I first saw this elsewhere, posted on FB, and then saw it here. Always makes me feel proud when I have the same taste in awesome articles as the ALOTT5MA crew. Loved loved loved this one.

  5. Love it. Especially the bit about dreaming vs. action, and her fear of public speaking. :)

  6. Uncle Spike8:20 PM

    Shonda is now one of my heroes. sister quite possibly passed her in the halls more than once! (Dartmouth '92) What an awesome speech, turning some conventional wisdom on its head. Thank you Shonda!