Monday, July 7, 2014

NOW CAN WE HAVE A MUSICAL EPISODE?  CBS has announced that Taye Diggs will be joining the cast of The Good Wife for multiple episodes, as a talented lawyer joining up with, well, if you click on the link, you'll see.


  1. One annoying thing--assuming he's a Chicago-based partner--we've never seen or heard of him before? Kind of Taye-us ex machina. I'm also interested in how (or whether) LG continues to be an active part of the story (and can it even call itself LG without the L?). I love me some David Lee, but trying to shoehorn him into every plotline could get very difficult.

  2. Adam B.4:05 PM

    Lee|Gardner will find themselves up against Lockhart Florrick Agos occasionally, but not all the time. Still, I need some David Lee and Howard Lyman action. (Where does Kalinda go?)

  3. Joseph Finn4:23 PM

    So no more Taye Diggs doing semi-naked yoga on New Girl?

  4. Stevie8:59 PM

    I basically trust this show to do anything that doesn't involve Kalinda's sex life, so I'm sure they'll make LG work somehow. Graham Phillips' name wasn't listed in the cast summary that followed though, so I guess Zack is going recurring now that he's off to Georgetown.