Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A BIT SMALLER THAN THE ZOO TV OUTSIDE BROADCAST SET:  U2 is trying to intrude on our friend Paul's turf.

[One long-forgotten memory my brother reminded me of last week: every time the "Where The Streets Have No Name" video came up on MTV, my dad would start shouting at the band, Get off the roof! What are you doing on the roof! like he was one of the police officers.]


  1. Right?!? I mean, they played like nothing but U2 songs. SO ORIGINAL.

  2. Also, Adam, your dad's thing reminds me of my thing where everytime the Real Genius is ending I yell at the television, "THERE IS ASBESTOS AND FIREGLASS IN THAT POPCORN DON'T EAT THAT POPCORN PUT THE WHEELBARROW AWAY"

  3. Jim Bell10:11 AM

    Adam, I'm sure you've talked about the show on here and I've just missed it, but, please tell me you've been watching the Goldbergs. Your post could easily be a plot line. Also, when you have a moment, shoot me a private communication, I have something to ask you....