Thursday, May 7, 2015

AND YOU THOUGHT MR. HOOPER'S DEATH WAS DIFFICULT TO WRITE:  NASA has confirmed that it had reached out to Sesame Street to consider putting Big Bird on the Space Shuttle Challenger.


  1. christy in nyc4:24 PM

    I saw this in a festival setting, with Spinney in the room. The Challenger part was a record scratch moment...the growing realization as he talks about getting a call from NASA, which mission he must mean...the whole room was in stunned silence.

    There are many emotionally harrowing moments in the film, more than I expected, and a lot more new information than I expected. But the lasting impression is just how sweet and down-to-earth Spinney and his wife seem. I couldn't shake the feeling that they might be friends of my parents or something. (They're just felt that way, watching it).

  2. Jordan6:37 PM

    More from him, including the Challenger story: