Monday, June 15, 2015

FOR WHICH THE TRADITIONAL ANNIVERSARY GIFT IS ... TIN?  Congratulations to Ms. Kim Cosmopolitan, who joined our blog ten years ago this week: "Kim is new to ALOTT5MA, but not to the business of opining on matters pop cultural. She’ll be joining the fracas on The Amazing Race and American Idol while bringing back nuanced discussion of America’s Next Top Model. Her passion, however, is the oeuvre of J.J. Abrams, and thus we may expect to hear a great deal over the coming months about both Lost and Alias. She’ll also discuss both current theatre and the occasional work of fiction, as the mood strikes her."


  1. Adam C.12:10 PM

    Congrats, Kim!

  2. Joseph Finn1:55 PM

    Mazel tov, Kim! Are you ready to write three articles day on The Force Awakens as it approaches?

  3. mikeski3:36 PM

    "[...] and introducing Kim Cosmopolitan."

  4. Adam B.3:56 PM

    Has always been an intentional reference to Julia Roberts' billing in OCEANS ELEVEN.

  5. mikeski4:01 PM

    Carry on, then.

  6. Genevieve10:27 AM

    Happy anniversary, Kim! (This is reminding me to watch Alias - I got a few episodes in but then we started watching other things. This summer would be an excellent time.)