Friday, June 19, 2015

IT'S CONTRACTUALLY REQUIRED:  Some interesting category decisions in the Emmy ballot:

  • Chris Messina and Adam Scott submitted as leads.
  • Tatiana Maslany is submitted as "as Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Rachel and Krystal" for leading actress.
  • There was apparently something called Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Mystery.
  • Even though he was always billed as a guest, and appeared in not every episode, Lawrence Fishburne is running in Supporting Actor for black-ish, as are Hugh Laurie for Veep, and Kyle McLachlan for Agents of SHIELD.
  • But despite being regulars, Jessica Pare and Kiernan Shipka get to submit as a guest for Mad Men.
  • Yet again, appears Game of Thrones is running all submissions in supporting.
  • The CW is pretty sparing in submitting folks beyond leads, but does submit Emily Bett Rickards for Supporting Actress (who would have a pretty damn fine submission episode).
  • Guest Actor submissions include Josh Charles (for the Inside Amy Schumer episode) and Dwayne Johnson (for hosting SNL), 


  1. Duvall6:46 PM

    The CW is pretty sparing in submitting folks beyond leads, but does submit Emily Bett Rickards for Supporting Actress (who would have a pretty damn fine submission episode).

    And, quite reasonably, Tom Cavanagh and Jesse L. Martin.

  2. Adam B.7:21 PM

    Dwayne The Son Of Rocky Johnson is also up for Best Host/Reality (Wake Up Call). Also of note in that category: Lip Sync Battle only submitted Mr. J, not Ms. Teigen; Gordon Ramsay submitted for Masterchef Junior and not his other twelve shows.

  3. Adam B.7:28 PM

    HTGAWM: submitted everyone. Everyone.

    TGW: Mike Colter (Bishop) is now supporting, not guest, as is Sarah Steele (Marissa); guests submitting were Asner, D. Baker, Cerveris, Cole, MJ Fox, McLachlan, Hyde Pierce, Platt, Rifkin; and Channing, Preston (who's won) and Wilson.

  4. Adam B.7:31 PM

    Goldbergs: only Jeff Garlin submitted as lead; everyone else is support. Charlie Sheen submitted for "Dude in the Police Station" in Barry Goldberg's Day Off.

  5. Duvall7:46 PM

    *FAMOUS DRAMATIC ACTOR* also submitted as Guest Actor for his role on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

  6. Adam B.7:54 PM

    Also, for guest: "Mike Britt plays Walter Bankston, former neighbor of Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, miracle enthusiast, and general believer that females are strong as hell. When an embarrassing video unexpectedly turns Titus into a viral sensation, Mr. Bankston shows him that fame is a double-edged sword."

    "Jerry Minor plays Chris, a former California prosecutor made famous by his incompetency. Now representing the Mole Women in the case against the Reverend, Chris and his equally useless partner, Marcia, prepare for court by watching the movie “Legal Eagles” and taking too many showers together."

    "Tina Fey plays Marcia, a less than competent prosecutor who loves long showers and reading “USA Today” in bed."

    And Jason Momoa submitted for Drunk History for his work as Jim Thorpe. KHAAAAAAL!

  7. Adam B.8:03 PM

    Too Many Cooks submitted for Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program. (My work is done.)

  8. Joseph Finn8:14 PM

    It'll never happen, but Flash and Arrow both have a passle of actors who've had good work this year.

  9. Joseph Finn8:15 PM

    Did anyone else submit for Drunk History? Because hell, Johnny Knoxville, Jordan Peele, Jason Mantzoukas, Laura was a pretty excellent year for them.

  10. And has a reasonable shot at winning for Davis (if just for the wig scene) and for Cicely Tyson.

  11. The Arrow/Flash team deserves immense credit for:

    1. Figuring out how to write to/around actors' strengths/weaknesses. Both Amell and Gustin at first seemed like little more than prettyboys, but they've found ways that really work well for both of them.

    2. Managing to figure out how to effectively use performers who'd gotten a bad rap for one reason or another (Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, to some degree, Katie Cassidy).

    3. Finding unexpected ways to use names--playing against Cavanaugh's general usage as "the nice guy," Victor Garber as a superhero.

  12. Joseph Finn8:51 PM

    I love how, to go off #2, they've shown that Superman Returns was not Routh's fault.

  13. Jordan10:03 PM

    It would have been great if Maslany submitted Sarah, Alison, Cosima and Helena for leading, Rachel for supporting and Krystal for guest. She really is the best actor(s) on TV right now.

  14. Adam B.1:28 AM

    Black, Plemons, Dern, Ryder, and Mariah Wilson were submitted as guests.

  15. Adam C.7:26 PM

    Apropos of the Rocky Johnson reference, when I commented several days back on the item re: Dusty Rhodes passing, I was wracking my brain trying to remember the name of the wrestler that my dad and I once met at a flea market when I was a kid in Tampa. Couldn't remember and so I didn't mention it. But your comment unblocked my memory: It was Rocky Johnson, and he was HUGE.

  16. Duvall8:34 PM

    And Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance!

  17. Jordan9:34 AM

    How could I forget about the scorpion?