Wednesday, June 24, 2015

IT'S A MIRACLE!  As part of Vulture's 2014-15 in TV Awards, Marti Noxon has named the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne as TV's Villain of the Year, beating Papa Pope, Lucious Lyon, and others.

Episode of the Year?  "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer," with which I also heartily agree. Maybe there's stuff as good, but this was perfect.


  1. Duvall10:49 AM

    Pretty cool of Vulture to let TV's Villain of the Year for 2001-2002* select this year's winner.

    * As voted by the Internet,

  2. Joseph Finn11:32 AM

    Elizabeth Filarski?

  3. Duvall7:24 PM

    Past winners that I just made up:

    1999: Livia Soprano
    2000: Regis Philbin
    2001: Richard Hatch
    2002: Marti Noxon
    2003: Simon Cowell
    2004: Al Swearengen
    2005: Aaron Echols
    2006: Lucille Bluth
    2007: Benjamin Linus
    2008: Chuck Lorre
    2009: Vic Mackey
    2010: Boyd Crowder
    2011: Mags Bennett
    2012: Gustavo Fring
    2013: Tywin Lannister
    2014: Walter White

  4. Adam B.11:16 AM

    I believe the winner in 2006 was "The System (Baltimore)" for The Wire, season 4.

  5. bellawilfer12:43 PM

    This is perfection.

  6. For obvious reasons, I strongly object to Regis Philbin being designated villain of the year for 2000.