Thursday, June 25, 2015

POOR YOU:  We have the official winner for 2015's TV Villain of the Year, Duvall added the past victors in the comments:
1999: Livia Soprano
2000: Regis Philbin
2001: Richard Hatch
2002: Marti Noxon
2003: Simon Cowell
2004: Al Swearengen
2005: Aaron Echols
2006: Lucille Bluth
2007: Benjamin Linus
2008: Chuck Lorre
2009: Vic Mackey
2010: Boyd Crowder
2011: Mags Bennett
2012: Gustavo Fring
2013: Tywin Lannister
2014: Walter White
I nominated "The System" for 2006 (The Wire season 4), but otherwise that's a mighty solid list. Any additions?  J.R. Ewing for 1978-79, "Bob" for 1990-91?


  1. Joseph Finn2:57 PM

    I don't get 2002.

  2. Andrew3:07 PM

    1995: Montgomery Burns
    1996: Maggie Simpsons

  3. Marti Noxon was showrunner for Buffy that season (Whedon was focused on the musical episode of Buffy and launching Firefly), and the Internet HATES large chunks of that season (especially some of the Buffy/Spike stuff).

  4. Joseph Finn3:27 PM

    Eh, it's a perfectly fine year. Calm down, Noxon haters. Also, that's the year with Elizabeth on Survivor so we have a much better choice in her.

  5. Eric J.3:52 PM

    1976: Sasquatch

  6. I also would have accepted a joint Richard Hatch/Jerri Manthey award for 2001. Clearly Hatch was vastly more significant to the game, but Manthey was truly evil.

  7. Adam B.9:25 PM

    Not evil by later Survivor standards -- Fairplay, Hantz, etc.

  8. But they could not have known that in 2001.

  9. 1999: Mandy Hampton!

  10. bellawilfer12:37 PM

    Elisabeth wasn't heinous on Survivor, though. She was adorable. It was only after that that America realized she was, well, nutty.

  11. Joseph Finn12:43 PM

    I think you and I remember her cutesy act differently.

  12. bellawilfer12:52 PM

    Her friendship with Rodger?! Was she actually awful and I just didn't realize because I was like 18? OMG is my whole life a lie?

  13. Adam C.6:04 PM

    Another contender for 1990-91: Rosalind Shays

  14. Roger2:55 PM

    no Jay Leno?