Thursday, June 1, 2017

GREETINGS FROM NATIONAL HARBOR:  We are kicking it old school tonight -- for the first time since the GWB Administration, I will not be employing the Cover It Live platform to host our finals chat -- and will instead just write it live on the blog, like we did in caveman (i.e., "Netscape") times.  (Long story. Involves new and extremely high fees even for a one-time use.)

Let's have some fun.

8:41 pm: This is not a lawnmower round. These are hard words, but one which a Bee winner would know.  Strisciando requires knowing that middle consonant pairing, but that's it.  Each of these words seems to have one trick like that. For purana, it's that it's actually spelled phonetically.

8:50 pm: Foodie time! Clafouti is a word grownups should get pretty handily. Speller, unfortunately, adds a gratuitous e to the end. Sigh.

9:03:  Yes, they started a half-hour late, but there's no need to run filler (even with the Shivashankar sisters) in the middle of a round.  I can't imagine how painful it is for the kids to wait.

9:14:  And then there were eleven.  Round nine continues here.

9:20p:  I guess "comes from a trademark" is the new Nahuatl/Welsh/Finnish of "oh, crap" when it comes to having a backdoor into a word. (HT: The Very Significant Other.)

9:50pm:  Sorry, tech issues here.  But a gradual drip-drip-drip to leave us with six kids.

9:59pm: Hard to think of a word with more potential traps than pterygoideus. That was damn nice, Shourav.

10:11pm: Round 11 concludes with our second straight perfect round.  Time to bring out the imitative words, and let's move to a new thread.

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