Thursday, June 1, 2017

ROUND 12:  Six spellers remain at 10:12 pm.

10:21: And just like that, we are down to four.

10:24pm: We will be seeing that Shourov mic drop on Mogollon for the next decade of Bee coverage.  Thank goodness. That took some serious confidence.

10:30pm: These kids actually deserve a commercial break now.  Hope it's not the last -- part of the torture of the past few years is that after a certain point it became unrelenting endurance. This is more humane.  Four spellers still for Round 14.

10:45pm:  Ouch, Shourov.  The VSO and I are having a discussion over the fairness of employing words derived from literature (and trademarks, for that matter).  My argument remains as it's long been: the Bee can't be completely fair as long as each kid's facing different words, so whether a word can be reasoned out from roots, or not, is irrelevant at this stage.  All we can know is who does best in a particular night with his or her words -- that's not the same as who's the Best Speller in the abstract.

10:51pm:  Siddur at this hour seems bizarrely easy.  How did that get into the CWL?

11:03pm: Ananya's getting harder words consistently. Chittarino for Rohan? I'd have had that just via chittara, in pasta.

11:20pm: Tchefuncte and cheiropompholyx are as hard a pair as I've ever seen in a tournament. Wow.


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