Sunday, November 24, 2002

THE BEST SHOW YOU'RE NOT WATCHING: Now that The Bachelor is off the air and The West Wing is off its level, there's no excuse whatsoever for you not to be watching The Amazing Race on CBS every Wednesday night.

TAR is everything that good television should be -- dramatic, surprising, engrossing, funny. Yes, it's a reality competition, but it's one that works far better than Survivor or the dating shows. Players aren't rewarded for being nasty to each other; they're rewarded for being smart and decisive. And it's in an arena we all can relate to: travelling in foreign lands and dealing with friends and emotions during tense circumstances. It is a show that rewards merit, and that's rare on reality tv these days.

The format is simple: make it from route marker to route marker, around the globe, by solving clues and performing tasks. This week, for example, starts with the following puzzle: what's the best way to fly from Casablanca, Morocco to Munich, Germany?

Catch last week's recap here on Television Without Pity, a website which is one of the true gems of the Internet.

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