Tuesday, November 26, 2002

GUY RITCHIE ONLY AT #34? Film Threat magazine has now published its list of the Fifty Coldest People in Hollywood. A sampling:

Show him the money and he'll make the movie, no matter how demeaning or insulting the role. With garbage like Snow Dogs, Rat Race and Boat Trip taking up his time, it is mindboggling to remember he once made films like Boyz N the Hood and actually won an Oscar for Jerry Maguire in the not-distant past. You have to wonder what happened if Disney decided to remake Song of the South, we can bet even money that Gooding would be front and center doing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!"

Darth Vader as you've never seen him...a pouty, petulant faux-teen with a sissy voice. A worldwide hunt for the new Anakin in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones resulted in... HIM? What happened, did Lucas lose Lynn Stalmaster's phone number?

Winner of the Louise Fletcher Award for the Worst Post-Oscar Career Trajectory, boasting a filmography littered with barely-noticed parts in barely-considered flicks (anyone remember Too Tired to Die or Lisa Picard is Famous or The Triumph of Love?). Her latest, Wise Girls with Mariah Carey (?!?), was so awful that it went straight from Sundance into an unpublicized cable TV broadcast. At the speed her career is declining, it shouldn't be long before she shows up hosting infomercials at four in the morning.

Edited to add: Jen notes that Marisa Tomei and Alicia Silverstone are now so cold as to not even deserve mentioning at this point. Guh.

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