Tuesday, November 26, 2002

KOY-A-BUNGA! Well, it's as good a guess as any for tomorrow's Daily News headline following this most improbable Eagles win.

Detmer's injury tonight brought back memories of the Birds' ill-fated 1991 season, when a cast of nobodies on offense including Jack Kemp's son and a guy working construction (for real) had to quarterback the team following Randall Cunningham's opening-day season-ending injury. The defense, featuring Reggie White and the late Jerome Brown, was absolutely ferocious, best against the run and pass in the NFL, but their 10-6 record was not enough to make the playoffs. [See, similarly, my Little Lebowski Urban Achievers in the 12-team Vai Sikahema Fantasy Football League, currently 6-6 despite scoring the second-highest points in the league. But that's another story for another day.]

Still, we Philadelphians can survive without McNabb for a few weeks, especially if the Giants keep losing like this. The Texans? Guh.

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