Monday, January 20, 2003

JACKSON'S HOLE: As I noted a few days ago, I believe that Jackson Browne was probably better off keeping quiet, rather than demanding that TBS delete a scene from its awful new JFK Jr movie that reminded viewers that ten years ago Mr. Browne bloodied Daryl Hannah before John-John rescued her from the situation.

Now, this is not to make light of the seriousness of domestic violence, and I have nothing personal against Jackson Browne, just as I had nothing against Roberto Benigni, even if he has now done abhorrent work both in the fields of children's movies and Holocaust remembrance (what's next: time to ruin Shakespeare?). I'm just talking about good PR here, something Mr. Browne isn't practicing.

Anyway, to the point: the NY Post's Page Six has decided to pick up on this story, with its half-million-plus readers now able to open up today's paper and read even more about the incident, including contemporaneous accounts from, among others, Hannah's spokesperson.

Moral of the story? There's no point loudly denying a bad story no one was going to talk about anyway. When (Number Of People Learning About It For The First Time Via Crappy John-John Movie) < (Number Of People Learning About It For The First Time Thanks To Your Strenuous Denials), maybe it's time to rethink the media strategy. After all, you don't always have to "Say It Isn't True", right?

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