Wednesday, April 2, 2003

AND ANOTHER 'AI' COMMENT: I still get 50-100 people a day coming to this website looking for topless pictures of Frenchie Davis. I have no such pictures.

In fact, so far as I know, no one does. Even now, after two months of controversy and people looking for them, these pictures have not turned up anywhere online.

Which begs the question: what was Fox afraid of? If no one can see these pictures, do they really exist at all? Was it worth kicking her off the show for something that could never actually scandalize younger fans?

Is the real answer that Frenchie was kicked off because, otherwise, the show would cease being competitive, and would merely become her coronation? Based on what we're seeing from the final twelve, how can you not wonder whether the producers decided to have a competitive show with flawed singers rather than letting true merit shine, week after week?

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