Saturday, April 5, 2003

ONLY THE STRONG: Want to know who wins the fairly entertaining current edition of Survivor?

Numerous press sources are reporting that an offshore gambling website taking wagers on Survivor has determined that several CBS employees had placed early, lucrative winning bets on the winners of the past two series, and had wagered heavily again on this season's winner. The bets have been disallowed. You can, however, still wager [potential spoiler - highlight text to reveal] on the gender of the ultimate survivor, which strongly suggests that the two finalists are of opposite genders -- in other words, no Heidi/Jenna finale. [/spoiler]

If you'd like to read an article about the gambling scandal with no spoilers as to who the CBS insiders bet on, click here. If you want to know who the insiders believe the final two are, however, this WaPo article tells all.


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