Friday, April 4, 2003

NEXT TIME IT'S A NON-ELIMINATION LEG, HIRE PHIL KEOGHAN: The Chicago Sun-Times' Phil Rosenthal was not amused with this week's American Idol bait-and-switch:
What a brilliant plan: Cheat us out of two hours in our busy schedules, force us to listen to these wannabes mangle a selection of disco tunes, persuade us to call and text message our votes, entice us to sit through product placement ads for Coca-Cola and AT&T with the promise of a result and then tell us to come back next week when the votes might actually count.

Makes you want to switch to Pepsi and U.S. Cellular.

There was some lip service about how this week's "Idol" vote will be averaged with next week's vote. But that's a sham.

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