Tuesday, September 14, 2004

"IF I WERE WATCHING THAT GUY, I WOULD SURE HATE HIS GUTS:" Yes, none of the Racers have found their way over to TWOP yet, at least not publicly, but the posters there have noticed that Colin Guinn, half of your current Race leaders, is continuing to post in a BMW forum. In this post, he blames the editing for the general perception of him as a psychopath, and claims "I'm actually a pretty decent guy and I really do care about people." Your mileage may, as always, vary.

Sadly, CBS has spoiled part of the surprise of tonight's leg, but I won't do so other than to say that we're promised an "intense roadblock." No word on how well Captain Intensity copes with the "intense roadblock," though if last week's previews are indication, it seems as though it does not go well.

Hat tip to TWOPper NomiPomi, who tracked down the link.

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