Wednesday, February 23, 2005

DO THESE COME IN THREES TOO? Fast on the heels of the announcement of the Jayhawks splitting up, the much more commercially successful and irritating band Blink 182 is breaking up over a dispute over the band's "musical direction." Apparently, they couldn't agree on which of the three chords they know would be the basis for their next song or whether the song would be about slacking or a girl with big boobs. (To be fair, their video for "All The Small Things" is a note-perfect boy band parody, with the girl in the background waving a sign reading simply "Travis! I'm Pregnant!")

Blink 182 is, of course, a contender in the "dumb lyrics in a hit song" category with such gems as "We started making out/she took off my pants/and then I turned on the TV," but my all-time topper has got to be one-hit wonder Dog's Eye View, who came up with the following gem in their one hit, "Everything Falls Apart:" "The devil's not in the details/No, the devil is in my pants."

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