Tuesday, February 22, 2005

MAKE A FILM FOR $8,100 AND YOU'VE GOT STREET CRED; SELF-PUBLISH AND YOU'RE A HACK. I don't know why this is true. But it is the wisdom of the publishing industry.

That said, a good friend of mine, James David King, simply wanted to tell his story and didn't think the whims of the publishing houses ought to dictate when and how (and, especially, whether) it was done. He's a talented writer -- and has published a number of shorts in fairly well established markets under a pseudonym -- but knew this story just wouldn't work for the big boys. His novel, Dionysus Logged Out, captures pre-internet, mid-1980s computer geek culture. It's about connecting over the computer before connecting over the computer was cool or, at least, non-freakish. But the novel doesn't put it on display as a curiousity.

I trust the interested reader to click through to the book site or to Amazon and give it due consideration.

It's an honest book about coming of age through a medium that was, itself, coming of age.

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