Wednesday, April 6, 2005

LET'S GO CRAZY, BROADWAY STYLE! There's no need for my own analysis of last night's Idol when Ann Althouse covered it so well:
Constantine Maroulis totally comes out as an actor who's studied Broadway -- and loves Frank Sinatra. It's 'My Funny Valentine.' He's shackled by a crazy, busy arrangement that fights against him. But he's just darling. Paula standing Os. Randy loves him: 'This is what you should be doing, dude.' Get in that box, Con! Paula: 'I admit I'm falling in love with you.' Simon: 'The best pouting performance I have ever seen on 'American Idol.'' Translation: they know they've found a sexy, sensitive-yet-masculine guy.

I missed Mikalah this week. "Adelaide's Lament"? "Mama I'm A Big Girl Now"?

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