Sunday, May 22, 2005

YES, WE TAKE REQUESTS: Reader RPH wanted to know -- so, what concert do you most regret not attending?

For me, it's probably that Superchunk/Jawbox/Velocity Girl show down at UConn that various friends went to down in 1991; it gave them a headstart on their music crushes. I wish I had worked it out to see Prince last summer; those shows were supposed to be awesome.

And I wish I had headed downtown with my friend Craig back when we were in high school when he and some friends of ours saw They Might Be Giants, and it had to be before Flood came out ("a brand new record for 1990"), I think, when it was just the two Johns and a drum machine. Like, they all got their t-shirts signed afterwards and everything. It was cool, and I was jealous.

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