Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'LL STAND BEFORE THE LORD OF SONG WITH NOTHING ON MY TONGUE BUT HALLELUJAH: It never occurred to me to tell Adam that I'd be blogging about Leonard Cohen, because who knew there would be something relevant and timely to say? But happily, it's not yet closing time.

The Sundance Channel has just bought the rights to a documentary based on Leonard Cohen's career, including interviews with some of the many many artists who have covered Cohen's songs over the decades, as well as filmmakers Wim Wenders and Robert Altman. (Interestingly, Mel Gibson is apparently executive producing, in a move that couldn't be further in spirit from Passion of the Christ.) Sadly, Janis Joplin is not available to participate. Cohen's own involvement in the project isn't clear -- although this certainly indicates that he's involved.

I saw Cohen perform twelve years ago at a little venue outside of Philadelphia, and the experience stayed with me in a way that no other concert ever has. At least one of us here at ALOTT5MA will be eagerly awaiting the story of a songwriter who has tried, in his way, to be free.

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