Monday, June 13, 2005

WHATCHA TALKIN' BOUT, VH1: The good folks over at VH1 know we don't want to wait until Friday night for the conclusion of the five-night countdown to find out who the Greatest Kid Star of All-Time is. So, they've published the entire list from 1 to 100 and you're all-time greatest kid star is none other than...Gary Coleman.

Other observations on the list:
  • Without being specific, it's clear this list excludes any pre-70s child stars like Shirley Temple, Jerry Mathers, Little Stevie Wonder, or Mozart.
  • All six Bradys and cousin Oliver make the list, with Marcia ranking the highest at No. 9, followed by Peter at a surprising No. 20 (until you take into account that Christopher Knight is hosting the special), Greg (No. 22), Cindy (No. 34), Bobby (No. 42), Jan (No. 61) and Oliver (No. 76).
  • Coleman's TV brother Willis is No. 40, while the late Dana Plato squeaked in at No. 90. Dudley and Sam are omitted.
  • All four Facts of Life girls also make the list: Tootie (No. 23), Blair (No. 30), Natalie (No. 43) and Jo (No. 81).
  • Michael Jackson will no doubt be celebrating his inclusion, along with his brothers, at No. 10 on the list. Jackson's young friends did even better: Macaulay Culkin is No. 2 and Emmanuel Lewis is No. 6, and Corey Feldman is No. 8.
  • The other Corey is No. 26, while two of Feldman's Stand By Me co-stars make the cut (Wil Wheaton (No. 62) and Jerry O'Connell (No. 70), but no River Phoenix.
  • Dustin Diamond (No. 16) is the only one of the Saved By the Bell gang to make the list.
  • It's hard to judge where the line between child and teen is. For instance, there's no Keith or Laurie Partridge, but Danny made it. None of the 90210 gang is here. Jennifer and Andrew (!) Keaton make it, but there's no Alex or Mallorie or even Skippy. It seems to be somewhere around 15-16, with perhaps Molly Ringwald's Samantha Baker (movie stars are picked for one or two roles, while many TV stars on the list began as children but ended their careers well into adulthood), who we can pin down at 16 for obvious reasons, perhaps being the oldest star on the list.
So, who are the biggest names missing (given the list's vague criteria)? Your thoughts, as always, are encouraged.

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