Saturday, June 18, 2005

OTHER PROBLEM--LACK OF "NA NA NA NA, BATMAN!" THEME SONG: So much of Batman Begins is so good (the heroes, the villains, the film's smart and not-overly-heavyhanded political message) that the one misstep sticks out like a sore thumb. The problem? Katie Holmes. Holmes' character is supposed to be the last good, hardass, ADA in Gotham City, and slightly older than Bruce Wayne (who's 30). Given that Holmes' acting range is pretty much limited to "nose-wrinkling cute" and that she's not yet 27 (and looks younger still), she just doesn't work. I'm not sure if Natalie Portman would have been any better, though Sarah Michelle Gellar might've worked out nicely. (According to IMDB, they were finalists for the role.) Holmes comes off as convincingly as an ADA as Elisabeth Rohm did, which ain't sayin' much, but at least she doesn't ask if it's because she's a lesbian.

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