Thursday, September 1, 2005

WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE. I'LL TELL YOU HOW I KNOW: I read it in the paper, fifteen years ago. ...okay, only five years old, but the article is shockingly accurate.

Scientists say that a hurricane of category 4 or higher would devastate the city, and the current levees and drainage measures would be rendered useless. "The biggest fear is a hurricane coming through Lake Ponchartrain with New Orleans being on the northeast quadrant of the storm's center," says Demas.

"When we get the big hurricane and there are 10,000 people dead, the city government's been relocated to the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain, refugee camps have been set up and there $10 billion plus in losses, what then?" he asks.

That's December, 2000. It begs the question of what could have been done. Perhaps nothing.

Edited to provide CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE -- my email source for the above link found it reported first by the inimitable .

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