Tuesday, November 1, 2005

GUTEN TAG HOP CLOP GUTEN TAG HOP CLOP ADOLF ELIZABETH HITLER? According to Ben Brantley, lightning has not stricken twice for Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick (with a soup├žon of Brad Garrett) in The Odd Couple, which opened on Broadway last week. (Clive Barnes of the NY Post gave it a rave, but then again, he also gave Fiddler on the Roof -- with Rosie O'Donnell -- 3 1/2 stars, so go figure.)

Frankly, the critical response is entirely irrelevant -- the show is sold out for its entire limited run, courtesy of an astonishing $20mm in advance sales. I mention all this simply because Mr. Cosmopolitan and I are off to see the spectacle for ourselves tonight.

I'm something of a tabula rasa on the subject, never having seen the play, the movie, or the TV show. Heck, I've never even seen The Honeymooners. I do adore Nathan Lane in pretty much anything (this will be the fifth time I've seen him on Broadway), and I find Matthew Broderick insufferably annoying in pretty much anything except Ferris Bueller and Election. (Don't even get me started on his performance in the otherwise transcendent Glory, or the travesty that was his effort at portraying Professor Harold Hill.)

A report of the evening's festivities to follow.

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