Thursday, November 3, 2005

STILL NO RECOGNITION FOR MANNY THE STUNTMAN: In an interesting column, movie pundit Kristopher Tapley suggests the addition of three categories to the Academy Awards:
  • Best cameo performance--designed for people who with one or two scenes, steal a movie. Of course, "cameo" performances have won Oscars before--e.g., Judi Dench for Shakespeare in Love and arguably Jack Palance for City Slickers--so is this category really necessary?
  • Best ensemble performance--I've always been a fan of this award, especially since more and more films and TV shows don't neatly break down into "lead" roles and "supporting" roles, but a valid question can be raised as to whether it really adds anything beyond awards that are already there.
  • Best voiceover performance--I certainly see the point of having this award, but it doesn't seem like it should happen every year, and like it would be more appropriate as a juried award (kind of like the sci-tech awards are).

So, what do you think of the suggested new categories? Are there others you'd add? Discuss.

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