Sunday, January 22, 2006

WHAT'S NEXT? Adding to the list of shows revered (Alias), loathed (7th Heaven), and about which we have decidedly mixed feelings (Will & Grace) to which we will say goodbye after long runs this year, The West Wing will air a series finale on May 14. John Wells denies that Aaron Sorkin will be in any way involved. Speculation ahoy as to potential endings (a Charlie/Zoey wedding or proposal would seem inevitable) and as to what cast members will do next (including how quickly we see at least one officially signed for Studio 7).

In addition, NBC announced a bunch of post-Olympics schedule moves:
  • Deal or No Deal (as a weekly series) replacing Surface on Mondays at 8.
  • The Apprentice moves to Mondays at 9, with Las Vegas moving to Fridays at 9 (with the inevitable cancellation to follow).
  • Law and Order (original recipe) moves up an hour to Wednesdays at 9 (against Lost), with Heist, a new action/thriller/comedy from director Doug Liman starring Dougray Scott, Steve Harris, and Seymour Cassel as thieves planning a big score takes the 10 PM slot.
  • While The Office is getting 22 episodes next season, it had a short order this year, so its slot will be filled by Teachers, a new comedy about, well, teachers, starring Justin Bartha (the weird sidekick from National Treasure and title character in Gigli) and Sarah Alexander (Susan from BBC's Coupling).
  • Conviction (aka the L&O spinoff without L&O in the title) arrives on Friday nights.

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