Sunday, February 12, 2006

THE MUSEUM OF LOST SOUNDS: Great concept from Inquirer columnist Tom Ferrick: let's catalog the sounds which no longer exist in our culture:
The cracking open of aluminum ice trays. The click an eight-track tape made when it "turned over." The music made by coin returns on pay telephones. The claps and flaps made by a record changer. A needle scratching across the surface of an LP. The sound an AM radio made when you dialed between stations.

A few years ago, my youngest discovered an old portable typewriter we had tucked away, hauled it out, and began to play with it.

He was amazed at the symphony of sounds it produced: the clack of the keys, the ping of the bell, the springy slide of the carriage return, the clip-clip of the paper feed. . .

How about the sounds of an old-fashioned cash register? And I have a feeling you've got more.

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