Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I STILL HAVEN'T WATCHED THE SOPRANOS, SO AM GOING TO SIT DOWN AND WATCH RATHER THAN CONCOCTING A GOOD AI TAG LINE: I'm not a fan of 21st century night on AI, mainly because I don't really listen to new music anymore, so I never know the songs. But I actually did know a few this time (Ace's, Elliott's, and Daughtry's), so either I'm getting more tuned into the music scene (unlikely) or else these were just really big songs and thus managed to penetrate my no-new-music fortress. And wow -- what an array of genres tonight, with the country and the rock and the pop and the gospel and the R&B/soul.

So for me, tonight was a night of Haves and Have-Mehs. Haves: Paris, Daughtry, Katharine, and -- for the first time ever -- Elliott. Have-Mehs: Lisa (bye), Bucky (fine, but never all that exciting, and tonight was no exception), Ace (big oogies for pointing at the scar during the scar part of the song), and Kellie ("tear in my beer" country is never a big draw for me). Mandisa and Taylor are kind of on the fence between the two. I don't see how Lisa makes it past tonight -- she's been in the bottom three for a while, and this performance did nothing to save her.

I have decided that I want to hear Daughtry sing "Home Sweet Home" or "Sister Christian." True to his style (sorta), but different from the identical performances he's been giving every week regardless of the week's theme. How do you think he can change it up without sounding silly?

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