Saturday, April 1, 2006

ALREADY WORKS IN NEW JERSEY: All this discussion of Norman Minetta and the problems with the U.S. Department of Transportation has led me to a single inescapable conclusion--it's time for the U.S. government to get out of the highway business. That's right, it's time to privatize the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System. Obviously, this proposal is less than wholly selfless. As a Manhattanite, I rarely, if ever, make use of the interstate system, yet I am forced to pay the same tax burden to pay for a system I rarely, if ever, make use of. This strikes me as fundamentally unfair, especially given the fact that I pay for my local streets and mass transit through local taxes. There should be no reason I have to pay for maintenance and upkeep of roads that I do not use. Instead, it's time we turned these roads over to private maintenance, and, where necessary, toll collection.

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