Tuesday, July 11, 2006

DILANAMANIA: CBS' Rock Star: Seriously, His Name Is Gilby got better this week. Not that the performances were necessarily better than week one, but because the members of the band were much more comfortable in their role as judges, much freer with their critiques of the performances. When Tommy Lee said to the guy who sang "Jumpin' Jack Flash" that "Mick Jagger is a showboat, so next week, show some more boat, bitch," I knew the show had taken it to another level. (Seriously? No one on these shows should ever attempt a Rolling Stones song, because you can't out-Mick Mick.)

Top slot this week, IMHO, went to Storm Large (apparently, that's her real name) with Cheap Trick's "Surrender", Dilana for a goth-ish cover of "Ring of Fire", and whoever did "Tainted Love". Some of the performers are too clean and smiling, but they'll go home eventually, and get dissed well and entertain us in the process. Like the woman who attempted Hole's "Violet" -- great, great song, and she blew it by doing a bad Courtney Love impression, but would anyone on Idol even try it?

I should say that I felt uncomfortable during Patrice's "Heart-Shaped Box". Something about that album to me just feels so personal to Kurt Cobain and that point in his life that no one else singing it is ever going to be able to sell the song authentically. I'd feel the same way about someone trying to cover Tori Amos' "Me and a Gun" or Liz Phair's "Divorce Song" -- and, I know, Phair was still single at the time she wrote it. But, still, it'd feel wrong to me. Just saying. Is all.

edited to add: If you can suffer through an ad-filled interface, all the performances are online here. If you can't, YouTube is your friend.

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