Wednesday, July 12, 2006

THE RETURN OF THE WICKETY-WACK: Only a minute into watching the first episode of Project Runway 3, and I already wanted to slap Malan. Hard. With something that would hurt him.

That didn't change over the next 59 minutes, but I did also find much to like about our new, considerably older cast. I like the Barbie Guy, like Miranda Hobbes II, and gained serious respect for The One Who Looks Like Jude Law and Michael from the A-T-L on the basis of their work, the latter of whom did something remiscent of Chloe's awe-inspiring garden party dress. Great challenge for episode one, totally in the spirit of what preceded it in the first two seasons.

You'll also want to watch the casting special. Plenty of updates on your former faves, if you haven't been keeping up.

As far as the elimination: if I knew I was going to be on Survivor, I'd sure try to learn how to make fire before I left. If I ever make it to The Amazing Race, I'll finally learn to ride a bike. And . . .

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