Sunday, July 9, 2006

I BELIEVE THAT ALSO PUTS IT AHEAD OF JAMES CAMERON'S AQUAMAN: Box office estimates have Pirates of the Caribbean II: YARR! setting a new record of $132 million over the first three days, smashing Spidey's $114M.

To me, the reason is simple: unlike The Da Vinci Code, Superman Returns and even X^3, this movie promised to just be fun, with no pretense to Deep Meaning or metaphorical significance. (And, according to the reviews, it mostly delivers.) And unlike Tom Cruise in MI3, Johnny Depp is creepy in a good way.

You can read my review of the original film via this link, and Elvis Mitchell's boffo rave here ("in the words of Bart Simpson, it takes a knife-wielding maniac to show us the way.") Matt has some thoughts on Pirates II just a little bit below this post.

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