Monday, July 3, 2006

HE'S ONLY A MAN IN A SILLY RED SHEET: There are a number of joys in Superman Returns--the technical work, particularly in the IMAX 3D version I saw, is wonderful--be it in a big action sequence like Superman saving a jumbo jet and space shuttle or just soaring through deep space during the opening credits, and the performances from Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey as the villains are sparkling. Two big problems, though. First, the "evil scheme that Superman must stop" makes no sense. Lex Luthor wants to destroy North America and have a new continent rise in the middle of the Atlantic for what exact reason? He claims it will contain "secret alien technology," but the "new continent" appears to be inhospitable and barren. Second, Kate Bosworth is badly miscast as Lois Lane. There's neither any real chemistry between her and Superman (or Clark Kent, or her new boyfriend, played by James Marsden), nor is there any spark or sass in Lois, intrepid girl reporter. Allegedly, Rachel McAdams was pursued for the rule and turned it down, and I wish they'd offered her the money or the rewrite, because she would have provided some much needed spark in the film.

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