Wednesday, July 5, 2006

WAKE ME UP INSIDE: Largely based on Alan Sepinwall's rave, I gave Rock Star: Not Replacing A Dead Guy This Time a shot tonight, and it's good to see a talent competition with talented adults again, polished performers who know how to sell a song. And it's good to see real rock and roll in such competitions -- "Lithium" and "Rebel Yell" aren't songs you'd hear on Idol because they've got no glory notes, though I wonder why no one's tackled "She Talks To Angels" before on that show.

Not sure if I'll stick with it all summer, but I know this much: Dilana scares me. Unreal intensity on the Nirvana song.

edited to add: Sepinwall has more. On Dilana: "Okay, wtf was that? I have no idea if she's any good or not, but I was mesmerized by the whole thing, from the decision to stand rock still at the mic for the song's first two thirds to the complete spaz-out at the end. (Though she should've pulled the hood off at that point.) Very weird voice, sort of Laurie Anderson-ish at points. Definitely someone I want to see and hear more of."

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