Tuesday, July 4, 2006

I THINK WE STILL HAVE AMTRAK IN THE NORTHEAST CORRIDOR: A couple of things that bugged about tonight's second House. First, why did House and Stacy need to travel to Baltimore to meet with a Medicaid administrator? I assume the vast majority of House's cases in the clinic are New Jersey residents, and Princeton isn't close enough to the border that they'd be getting a lot of Maryland residents. Second, much of the plot stems from House being stuck in an airport due to weather. Now, leaving aside the question of why they'd fly at all given the short distance, why didn't House and Stacy just hop in a cab to Baltimore Penn Station (or take the shuttle to the BWI airport rail station) and get on Amtrak back up to Princeton? Would have been there in just a couple of hours, there's regular service, and House could have remained in constant cell phone contact. Of course, then, we wouldn't have had much of an episode...

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