Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I CAN'T SEE YOU EVERY NIGHT, FREE: RockStar: Is His First Name Actually Gilbert? was another fun show last night, with the potential winners (Dilana, Storm, Toby and Lukas) further separating themselves from the folks who just don't belong there because they're not dirty-angry-f'ed up enough to be rawkers -- Patrice, Josh, Phil and Dana, the last of whom still looks like she's Katharine McPhee playing dress-up in the grunge shop. And Josh? If you're constantly being criticized for being too "soft", don't come out with "No Rain", y'know?

Also, it's pretty clear to me that both Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke are in the running for the ALOTT5MA Award for best reality tv judge/critic, because Tim Gunn can't win it every year.

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