Thursday, July 27, 2006

I DON'T KNOW IF YOU CAN SING OR ACT, BUT BROADWAY NEEDS MORE DANCERS LIKE YOU: I'm more than a little behind on my SYTYCD posting, but just a few thoughts to let you know I'm still here:
  • Yes, Heidi and Benji were beyond fabulous last night, but the whole notion that they have chemistry while others don't isn't really fair to everyone else. They're cousins, for cryin' out loud, and have presumably been dancing together their whole lives. So how can you compare their chemistry to people who have been partnered up for all of a week?
  • I wonder why the opening credits were never revised to include the season 2 dancers. I always find it weird to watch Big Poppa, Snow, and Artem this season.
  • Similarly, I wonder why "lyrical" was redubbed "contemporary" this season.
  • Has anyone ever done a decent quickstep on this show? It's getting to be the white whale of reality dance competitions.
  • I have been getting a big meta-kick out of Nigel's weekly braggings about how well the show is doing this season. ("We've been renewed for season 3 without season 2 even being completed yet!" "That kind of dancing is the reason why we're getting 8 million votes and why we're #1 in the ratings!")
  • It's a sign of the relative depth of the female dancers this season that I don't want any of the four girls to go, while the only guy I care about keeping around is Benji. (I have a slight preference for Allison over the other three girls, but I think it's just because she reminds me of Mrs. Isaac Spacewoman.)
  • How ridiculous is it that after the big introductory dancer number of each evening's show, Cat Deeley tries to dance her way onto the stage? Cat moves about as well as I do. Which is not well at all. Just walk onto the stage, honey, one foot in front of the other.

Your thoughts on these issues and any others are welcome in the comments.

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